About The Stone Guest House

The stone guest house is located at Berea district in Lesotho in the city called Teyateyaneng (TY). The city is situated on a high plateau at about 1600 meters altitude on a road that runs parallel to the South African boarder. It is only 2km from the main road

It is located 40km between two major boarders (Ficksburg and Maseru) into Lesotho. The boarders operate 24 hours.

Its construction began end of 2014 as the small idea of providing residential facilities to local people, the idea grew to hotel. Presently, it is called a guest house which is expanding with most resources every day. The rooms are designed to cater for all classes. We understand that your status must be respected, we are on your service to ensure that.

The name, “The stone”, is a name taken from the design/materials of the buildings.

It is built on the beautiful stone footprint and built with the same stone that is cut to shape for a beautiful final product used on the walls. Friendly Basotho people have always used stone to build their homes, its a traditional local product which have been used for centuries. Big old structures within the country are constructed from the same materials.

We wanted to take this culture abroad by giving our international tourists a taste of sheltering under the stone. We had no reason to look for more, but use our local brand to brand our guest house.

We have a dream of having several meeting/conference rooms and a hall that can take up to 1500 seats for your convenience.

The Stone Guest House

Our Values

- we come to work to do our best. As one company we match each other's commitment and keep our promises to each other, our guests, and our suppliers.
- we value each other and our differences. We treat each person on their merit and do not show favouritism. We make decisions that balance the needs of our guests, and our business, putting our guest in a fair and better position.
Service Challenge
- we believe we can go as far as our imagination and vigor will take us. We are always challanged seek new ways to deliver services that exceed our guests' expectations.


Our vision is achieving superior results through our unique approach on service delivery in hospitality industry. Whether you are our Customer, Guest, Associate or Partner, you can expect our commitment to excellence in everything we do.


Our Mission is to provide memorable unique services that can accommodate every class of people, giving them the greater value.

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